Wednesday, September 2


I'm eating maggie.Moms asleep.Dads stuck on TV and my brother ditch me for his guitar.Eating maggie for two nights in a row man..!My brother titillated me to eat it.H was eating it in front of me.Cant.Resist.But the shitty thing is,I had to cook my own maggie.- -".Are we still at the maggie topic?Lame.I totally forgot how to change almost everything at my blog.I know,noob.Pfftt,so?I don't blog everyday like YKW.Its a compliment,I guess.Its almost 1,I'm not asleep!Hello future Jehan.Hehe.JokeJoke.Relakx ah babe,I maen2 jewr.OKWTFWTF.JEHAN!,Another celebrity cant come to Malaysia,yeah,Akon.And what I'm guessing,BEP will not come because they decided to seperate.Meh.What am I to bother about people who are loaded with $$.Its 1.30 & I'm not tired at all,owh i just lied.Did you guys hear Miley's new song?"Party in the U.S.A" song?Like wtf is wrong with her barbie voice?But nice song 5/10 :D.Owh shet,almost 2.What the heck.Let us not waste time.