Wednesday, September 2

Hello september

New month,new day,new time,new week,new crush,new wish,new post,new picture,new works.
Hmm what else?
I feel so bored,just got bahck from the dead school.School was okay.Asma gave us caramel egg pudding.Mmm,lovely.Smelled it minutes ago,double lovely.I think I wanna do 1 post every 2 days.Cause,today Ill use the internet,tommorow my brothe,the next day me and sooo on.Myspace being a pain in the arse.It wont let me upload a picture.Same as twitter.
Note to self:Download Tweetdeck.
Blogger is also being a pain in the arse.It wont upload the picture i want to upload at twitter and myspace.TV vs INTERNET vs PHONE.What to choose?I aint choosing phone.Internet?TV?Both being a pain in the arse.Espeacially when you dont have almost all the channels.Fudge.I woke up at 11.50am this morning.OHMG!And the aunty who was suppose to pick me up is coming at 12.15pm.So,25 minutes to get ready?Not enough.I was rushing everywhere,like Dash. :D .Ok imma upload the photo later,tonight.Im gonna delete all curent layout.Cause,it suckss.Hehe,I want my layout to be plain,suci.Im gonna stop here,Cause i have a appointment with Mr.Shower.